The Division of Continuing Education
at Marshall University
June 7-11, 1999
The Marshall University  Division of Continuing Education  offered a LEGO Week from June 7-11, 1999.  Linda Hamilton organized  many different LEGO Dacta Projects for  exploration.  The LEGO Week class had two sessions running  from 9:00am  until 1:00am.  Students in the two sessions chose among many different groupings of projects to plan, design, build, program, and record their LEGO Projects.  Some of the choices include LEGO Control Lab, LEGO CAD, Intelligent House, Pneumatics, Technic Sets, and RoboLab Creations.  The students learned to use various LEGO elements such as levers, gears, motors, pulleys, pneumatics,  touch, motion,  and light sensors, and also program robots and models.

June 7, 1999 Session:

Lever balancing aLEGO weighted block

LEGO CAD,LEGOControl Lab, and

Another view of the lever

Simple machines, such as this wheel barrow, can roll

Gears, connectors, levers, and bricks create a working model of a windshield wiper

Tall structures like this tower require carefully planned support

Another simple machine, a gear rack

LEGO Control Lab program 
runs this robotic arm

Model of tower that could be a communication tower

RCX car with passengers executing a RoboLab program

Constructing a scale with gram cubes

RCX robot controlled by touch sensors

RoboLab program is downloaded
to the "Bug" through the IR

The legs appear very life-like

Working together makes work-time 
a science learning experience

This RCX insect is ready to fly away!

Manufacturing machines are used in many businesses.  This ice cream machine is programmed using 
LEGO Control Lab from LEGO Dacta

Gear rack
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