Math Awareness Month 1999
Marshall University WV & Davis Creek Elementary

Students at Marshall University in West Virginia, USA,
drove through a LEGO model of a heart that was set up at Davis Creek Elementary.
A LEGO RED ROVER with a camera on top drove through
the maze by controls through the internet.
See pictures of a run through entire heart keeping the maze to the right.

Note: mouse roll overs

In the middle of the heart
Map of AU of a previous remote drive
Davis Creek students in class
Ladder below

The MarsRed Rover box at Davis Creek Elementary
has a clear plexiglass bottom allowing observation from below.
The Mars box with the Heart maze

Davis Creek Elementary students drove the Rover of Sioux-center IA.

Just first aid class!
Danger on top of the ladder.
First trial run.
Image check.
Rover did not bother the students in the class.
Linda Hamilton at Davis Creek MARS
Susan Sheppard, Mathematics Assistant
This is a picture of a picture of Susan Sheppard making a
LEGO CAD picture

The second Mars Red Rover  had a "grabber" arm added.
Students wanted to change the original design and add more capabilities to their robot.
Camera rotation, "grabbing" arm, and wireless mobility are now
an integral part of the robot's programing to the delight of the students.
Mrs. Hamilton is also thrilled with these new developments
of the Red Rover, Red Rover Program.

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