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netLibrary Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an eBook?

A. An eBook is a digital copy of a book that can be read on any computer with an Internet connection.

Q. Can I access the eBooks from home?

A. Yes, but you must have an account that has been created from a campus computer. Once your account is created you can access eBooks from anywhere.

Q. I'm an off-campus student. How can I create an account?

A. You may request that an account be created for you by submitting this form. You will be emailed with your new account information.

Q. How many eBooks does Marshall have?

A. Right now we have almost 2,500 titles, plus we have access to over 3,000 more titles in the Public Collection. We will add 1,500 more by the end of the year.

Q. What kinds of subjects do the eBooks cover?

A. A little bit of everything, but the largest concentrations are in computer science and business. The Public Collection contains mainly classic works (such as literature) that are over 100 years old.

Q. How did you decide what eBooks to buy?

A. We purchased these eBooks as a pre-selected package through a consortium of libraries we belong to called PALINET. We share this collection with the other PALINET libraries but we were able to purchase this collection at a very low cost.

Q. Do eBooks have any special features?

A. Each eBook has a navigable table of contents, a full text search feature, a built-in dictionary and a help menu. Or you can read it page-by-page.

Q. How do I find an eBook?

A. You can find an eBook by searching Marshall's netLibary Collection by Author, Title, Keyword or Full Text.

Q. Can I print or copy from an eBook?

A. You may print or copy one page at a time by using your browser's Print or Copy functions. Although you can print parts of an eBook, printing an entire eBook violates copyright laws. netLibrary takes precautions to protect copyright laws; if a suspicious usage pattern indicative of excessive printing or copying is detected, netLibrary logs the activity and sends the user a copyright warning.

Q. If someone else has a book checked out can I still read it?

A. No, just like a real book when our copy is checked out it is not available to others. If a book is checked out you will see this message: "All copies of the eBook you are attempting to view are currently checked out."

Q. How long are books checked out?

A. eBooks are checked out for a 24-hour period.

Q. Do I have to check out the eBook to read it?

A. You can read an eBook for 15 minutes without checking it out.

Q. What if I forget to check in my eBook, is there a fine?

A. No, if you forget to check in your eBooks they will be checked in automatically when your 24-hour period is up but we ask that you check in your eBooks when you are finished so they are available to others.

Q. Do I need special software to use netLibrary?

A. No, you can access netLibary and read the eBooks as long as you have Internet access.

Q. Can I reserve an eBook if it is currently checked out?

A. No, it's not possible to reserve an eBook right now.

Q. Can I find eBooks through MILES, the library's online catalog?

A. Yes, you can search for eBooks two ways:

  1. To see all e-Books, do an author search for "Netlibrary"
  2. To search for e-Books about a subject, do a keyword search for "electronic books and your subject"

Q. When I find an interesting eBook I have the choice to Browse or Check Out the eBook. What are the differences between these options?

A. "Browsing" an eBook is like pulling it off the shelf to take a quick look at it. You can browse through a book for 15 minutes. "Check Out and Read Online" gives you exclusive access to the eBook for 24 hours. You can read it page-by-page, search by keyword or choose a section from the Table of Contents.

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