How to Use the Digital Sender in the Drinko Study Center

  1. Touch the blank screen to "wake" the machine up from hibernation.
  2. Touch the "E-mail" button to begin.
  3. Touch the "To:" button to start the keyboard, and type in your email address. Using the other buttons allows you change the "Subject:" and "From:" fields, which will be viewed by the recipient of the email. You may also enter additional email recipients in the "Cc:" field.
  4. Once your email address has been entered, place a single picture or document on the "flatbed" scanner, or you may stack a series of documents in the feeding tray (if using Marshall email accounts, it's best to limit scanning jobs to 10-15 pages). Note: if you wait too long before starting the scanner, the machine will "time out" due to inactivity, and you will need to start over.
  5. Once the document or picture is in place, press the "Start" button on the touch-screen, or press the large green button on the Digital Sender control panel (at the right-hand side of the touch-screen).
  6. Once the document or picture is scanned, it is automatically sent to the email address you provided. After sending, it will ask "Do you want to keep current settings?" If you press "Yes" the Digital Sender will keep your email address in the "To:" box for a while longer. If you press "No" then the Digital Sender will revert back to its main menu, and you are done.

How to combine PDF documents

  1. Open the Adobe Acrobat program and select File > Create PDF > From Multiple Files:
    screenshot example
  2. Click "Browse" under the "Add Files" option in the pop-up window:
    screenshot example
  3. After adding all the files you wish to merge, the window should look like this:
    screenshot example
  4. Hit "OK", and the individual PDF files will "bind" together, and then appear as a single document. Once this process is complete, you will be asked to save the newly created PDF. The default name is "Binder1":
    screenshot example