Library Basics

Finding Articles

Article Databases
  • Article databases provide a way to search for articles on particular subjects in magazines or journals. Databases my include the full-text and/or graphics of articles, or they may only include the author, title, date, journal title, issue and page numbers for each article.

  • Articles from periodicals (magazines, newspapers, or scholarly journals) cannot be found in the online library catalog.

  • To find an article on a topic, use a library periodical database such as:
  • While articles can be found searching the public Web, articles that are found using a library database are:
    • From published periodicals
    • Free to you (The library pays the subscription fee.)
    • Indexed, so that you can search through many years of thousands of articles to find a manageable list of specific articles that are relevant to your topic
    • The types of articles that your professors will expect you to use in your assignments
  • Many databases, and these two in particular, provide the full text of the article, which you can print, email or download.

  • When you are on campus you can access these databases simply by being logged in to the Marshall University network.

  • If you are off campus, you must login when prompted by entering your MU ID number (your “901” number) and your 4-digit PIN, which is your birthday (MMDD).

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