Instruction Session Research Inventory

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Please reflect on and discuss the following questions:

Pre or Post (Are you completing this before or after Info. Lit. Instruction?)      Yes    No

1. How do you normally find the information you need? Be honest!

2. Let’s say you are assigned to write a paper on a topic of your choice (as long as it relates to the course subject matter) Think of a topic, issue or theme related to this class:

a. What topic did you select?

b. If the professor gave you no directions or stipulations, where/how would you look for information about this topic?

c. What if the professor asked you to find three books on the topic to check out - where/how would you look for those books?

d. In addition to those three books, your professor wants you to find and use Reference books. What do you think reference books are? Where would you find them, and how could you find specific reference books on your topic?

e. Now your professor asks you to find three current magazine articles on the topic. Where/how would you look for those?

f. Your professor asks you to find three “straight”/factual newspaper articles on the topic. Where/how would you look for those?

g. Now s/he asks you to find at least two newspaper editorials on the topic but with different perspectives/viewpoints – kind of a pro/con argument. Where/how would you look for those?

h. Now you know your professor means business because s/he is requiring you to find two scholarly journal articles on the topic.

i.    First – what is a scholarly journal article and how does it differ from a magazine article?

ii.    Second - where/how would you look for those?

iii.    Finally – you think you’ve caught a break because you professor just told you for your final source you may actually use a website. You are just about to do the fastest search known to Google when – you guessed it – s/he reminds you and your weary classmates that the webpage you use must be reliable/trustworthy and appropriate for a college-level assignment. And, you have to prove it to her! So, how would you find such a website? What criteria or elements would you look for on a webpage/website to determine if it is reliable and appropriate for a university-level paper or speech?