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Glenwood: Window to the West Side - A Traveling Exhibit

Glenwood Estate

"Glenwood: Window to the West Side - A Traveling Exhibition", which details the history of Glenwood estate and its "role in the cultural, political, and industrial development of the Charleston area," is currently on display at Marshall University Libraries.  The six-paneled exhibit was created by students from both West Virginia State University and Marshall University Graduate College.  The original 366-acre estate owned by James M. Laidley, a Charleston newspaper publisher, and sold to Congressman George W. Summers, ran from current day Cato Park to the Kanawha River on Charleston's west side.   The house and 2-remaining acres was donated to the Marshall University College of Graduate Studies in 1983 by Summers' great-granddaughter, Lucy Quarrier.  To find out more about the Glenwood Project, click here.

To view the Glenwood exhibit, go to 4th floor of the John Deaver Drinko Library from March 9 - April 20, 2009.  For further information about the estate and the exhibit, click here for our earlier posting.  (03-09-09)