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Souvenirs d'Orient


For the month of February, Helen Majdalany, of the Marshall University Theatre Department, brings us Souvenirs d'Orient or Recollections of Eastern Life by Count Amadeo Preziosi.”  Count Amadeo Preziosi of Malta was a 19th century European artist who belonged to the Romantic school of traveling artists drawn to the mirage of the Orient, its brilliant colors and picturesque scenes.  Souvenirs d'Orient” is composed primarily of many of Count Preziosi's beautiful paintings on this subject; but also includes works by Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Adolphe Yvon, Jean Brindesi, and Ernest Karl Eugene Koerner.  Take a break and come to Drinko Library 3rd floor to enjoy this display.  While there, you might also enjoy browsing the  resources available in our Art books collection housed also on 3rd floor.  Or click here to search our collection.  In addition, you can investigate related resources available via our online databases.   

Departure of the Chief

The fascination for Istanbul in 19th century Europe made the city a popular destination for western travelers of all descriptions - scholars, writers, musicians and painters, not to mention the merely curious. Many of them later published accounts of what they saw and did, illustrated with sketches or engravings. These books in libraries, museums and private collections are a valuable source of information about the daily life, customs, people and buildings of the time. Nineteenth century Istanbul was still the capital of a huge but diminishing empire, nearing the end of its long life. Among the artists who depicted Istanbul in the last century were such famous names as Melling, Thomas Allom, Eugene Delacroix, Alexandre Decamps and Eugene Fromentin. They stayed sometimes a few months, sometimes a few years, and left a legacy of paintings and engravings illustrating the city’s mosques, palaces, fountains and squares. But there was one who fell in love with the city, settled down and spent the rest of his life there: Count Amedeo Preziosi. As a result, his depictions of people and daily life are full of original detail not to be found in the works of others.  (Suggested further reading see:  Micklewright, Nancy. Looking at the Past: Nineteenth Century Images of Constantinople as Historic Documents. Expedition, 32:1, pp. 24-32.)

The display may be viewed during the month of February on 3rd floor of the Drinko Library.  For further information, contact Paris Webb, Digital Resources/Systems Support Librarian.  (02-02-2012)

List of artworks included in the display for February 2012:

Case #1:
Amedeo Preziosi (Maltese, 1816–1882):
   Les Eaux Douces or The Sweet Waters
   Interior of a Harem
   Constantinos Sisopulos, 1852
   Silhouette de femme Turc au cap violet
   A Busy Market Scene
   Two men at Sultan Bayazit's Courtyard
   Women and Children

Frederick Arthur Bridgman (American, 1847 - 1928):
   A Circassian woman

Case #2:
Amedeo Preziosi (Maltese, 1816–1882):
   Figures in the Bazaar Constantinople
   Entertainment Party with Music and Dance
   Turkish Women in their way to the market
   Picnic at the park
   View of the Bay from An Old Cemetery
   Group of Turkish Women walking down the street
   Group of Turkish Women and Children Resting

Jean Brindesi (Constantinople 1826 - 1888):
   Hagia Sophia in Constantinople
Ernest Karl Eugene Koerner (German, 1846 – 1927):
   On the Golden Corn Before the Suleymaniya Mosque Constantinople

Case #3:
Amedeo Preziosi (Maltese, 1816–1882):
   Group of Women Promenade in a Turkish carriage
   Silk Bazaar
   Turkish Figures at a Sweetmeat Stall 1851
   Druggist' Shop
   Public Petition Writer
   Turkish Figures before a Kiosk
   Kiosk in Istambul
   Public Script

Case #4:
Amedeo Preziosi (Maltese, 1816–1882):
   Market Scene
   Mănăstirea dintr-un lemn scanned from Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, Preziosi īn Romānia
   Porțile de fier
   Mănăstirea Cozia 28 June 1869
   Moşi Fair 14 June 1869
   Primirea Domnitorului Carol I la Slănic Prahova
   Moşi Fair
   Trecerea Oltului
   Cotroceni, Poștalionul Domnesc
   Īntoarcerea de la Tārgul din Buzău

Adolphe Yvon (French, 1817–1893):
   The Departure of the Chief