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19th Century Academic Art: Paintings of Windows and Rooms with a View

This time of year we all long to be outside in the sunshine.  As we are finishing our 2013-2014 academic year, we look for that room with a view to the outdoors just as people in the past have done.  Until then, during the months of April and May, Helen Majdalany, of the Marshall University Theatre Department, brings some of those light-filled rooms to us with 19th Century Academic Art: Paintings of Windows and Rooms with a View”. 

"During the first half of the 19th century, the open window emerged as a consistent motif in German, Danish, French, and Russian painting and drawing. This display explores this intriguing theme in European art, with its Romantic intimations of unfulfilled longing and its associated qualities of poetry, luminosity, and interiority. Artists depicted this intangible mood with images of contemplative figures in hushed, sparsely furnished rooms; simple, serene displays of light entering a chamber; and windows as the focal point of views in their own right. "19th Century Academic Art: Paintings of Windows & Rooms with a View" features forty eight paintings by both well-known and largely undiscovered artists, including William Waterhouse, Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, James Tissot, Lady Laura Alma Tadema, Abraham Van Strij, Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Madeleine Lemaire, John Frederick Lewis and many others." (H. Majdalany)

Learn more about the
Academic Art style of painting and the artists featured in the display from resources available in our Art books collection housed also on 3rd floor.  Feel free to browse or click here for various ways to search our collection.  In addition, you can also investigate art-related resources available via our online databases.   

This display may be viewed during the months of April and May on 3rd floor of the Drinko Library.  For further information, contact Paris Webb, Digital Resources/Systems Support Librarian.  (04-21-2014)

Rooms With a View 

List of artists and artworks included in the display:

Case #1:
Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema (British, 1836-1912) Who is it?
Lady Laura Teresa Alma Tadema (British, 1852-1909) The Persistent Reader
Lady Laura Teresa Alma Tadema (British, 1852-1909) At the Doorway
Abraham Solomon (British, 1824-1862) Waiting for the Verdict
Abraham Solomon (British, 1824-1862) Second Class
Abraham Solomon (British, 1824-1862) Doubtful Fortune
Valentine Cameron Prinsep (British, 1838-1904) Mariana
Alfred Stevens (Belgian, 1823-1906) Chez Soi
Madeleine Jeanne Lemaire (French, 1845-1928) An Afternoon Embroidering

Case #2:
John Frederick Lewis (1805-1876) A Lady Receiving Visitors
Frederick Arthur Bridgman (American, 1847-1928)
Orientalist Interior
Frederick Arthur Bridgman (American, 1847-1928)
The Sewing Lesson
Frederick Arthur Bridgman (American, 1847-1928)
The Messenger
Carl Werner (German, 1808-1894)
Beauty with a Tambourine
Karl Pavlovic Brullov (Russian, 1799–1852)
Bahchisaraiskiy Fountain
Rudolf Ernst (Austrian, 1854-1932)
The Perfume Makers
Jean Baptiste Jules Trayer (Fr, 1824-1908)
Breton Seamstressesan
Karl Ludwig Friedrich Becker (German, 1820-1900)
Young Lady at the Window
Carl Zewy (Austrian, 1855-1929)
Lover's Banter

Case #3:
John William Waterhouse (British, 1849-1917)
   Half Sick of the Shadow
   Penelope and the Suitors
Consulting the Oracle
Fair Rosamund
The Missal
Marie Spartali Stillman (British, 1844-1927)
Love's Messenger
Karl Ludwig F Becker (German, 1820-1900)
Francis Sydney Muschamp (British, 1851-1929) The Recital

Case #4:
Carl Heinrich Bloch (Danish 1834–1890) - The Actor Kristian Mantzius in his Study
Albert Edelfelt (Finnish, 1854-1905) An Old Tune
Albert Edelfelt (Finnish, 1854-1905) Good Friends
James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French, 1836-1902)
Reading the News
Stanhope Alexander Forbes RA (Irish, 1857-1947)
The Harbour Window
Fritz Von Uhde, born Friedrich Hermann Carl Uhde (German, 1848-1911)
Dressmaker at the Window
Joseph Decamp (American, 1858-1923)
The Seamstress
Albert Edelfelt (Finnish, 1854-1905)
Ironong Women

Case #5:
Abraham van Strij (Netherlands, 1753–1826)
   Candle Saleswoman at the Door
   Henrik Weymans and His Family
Reading Old Woman at Window
Interior of Wool and Sheetshop
The Drawing Lesson
Contemplation of a Drawing
Merchant at a table near Window
Two Goats in a Yard
The Interior of a Cottage
The Young Draughtsman
Interior with a Woman, a Cradle and a Dog
The Market Woman