Privacy Policy

The Marshall University Libraries value and protect the privacy of their users. Federal and state (WV Code, Section 10-1-22) laws protect the privacy of your library records. In addition, the libraries have policies and procedures that facilitate timely removal of information from systems.

However, be aware that the USA Patriot Act (PL 107-56) enables Federal officials to obtain library records with proper warrant and also prevents the libraries from notifying you that these records have been obtained.

Library Circulation Records

Records of items that you borrow from the libraries are kept in the system for one year unless a fine is owed. In that case the information remains in the system until the fine is resolved. Under certain circumstances the information may be given to a third party who is responsible for collecting outstanding library accounts.

Library Databases and Electronic Journals

The library databases and online journals that the libraries make available to its users are accessed through links to various vendor sites. Be aware that those vendors may have privacy policies that are different from those of the University Libraries.

IDS and other Services

Due to copyright regulations, records of items obtained through Information Delivery Services are kept for three years unless a fine is owed.

The Marshall University Libraries do not sell personal information to third parties.

-- Marshall University Libraries 2003 --