Reserve Requests

Reserve Policies

  • All materials to be placed on reserve are to be pulled by the requesting course instructor and dropped off at the circulation desk with a copy of the request form email.
  • The course instructor is responsible for acquiring any and all copyright permissions for submitted materials from the copyright holder(s). A copy of this information needs to be submitted with the materials before they will be placed on reserve. This policy is to protect both the university and the course instructors.
  • Course reserve materials cannot remain on reserve indefinitely. At the end of each semester, materials will be removed from reserve. Emails and phone calls will be made to course instructors to arrange pickup for their materials.

Request Forms

  • Please fill out this form completely. Otherwise it will cause delay in your materials being placed on reserve.
  • All materials submitted will be placed on reserve status WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS of completion of this form.

Fair Use Statement

If you are claiming Fair Use for the materials you are submitting and permission to do so has not been granted by the copyright holder, you must sign the following statement:
"I have determined, to the best of my ability, that the materials listed below and any and all other material which I submit for inclusion on MU networks or servers for the current semester, qualify as educational Fair Use. I understand that I may be held personally responsible should legal action be taken by the copyright holder."
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