School Library Media Graduate Certification Program


Marshall University’s program has been reviewed and recognized by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and American Association of School Librarians (AASL) as a School Librarianship Education Program.

Marshall University’s School Library Media certification program prepares school librarians to manage school library media centers, collaborate with other faculty to support the school curriculum and facilitate information literacy among students. The three important functions for school library media specialists recommended in the American Library Association publication entitled Information Power (teaching, information access and program administration) are addressed throughout the program.

As a certification endorsement program, initial teaching certification is required. The program requires the completion of 24 hours, including a 3-hour clinical experience, and passing the Library Media Specialist Praxis II Test. Certification is for K-12.

Online Degree Program

For more information on Marshall University’s Online Master of Arts Degree in Elementary or Secondary Education with School Library Media area of emphasis, contact Kimberly McFall, School Library Media Program Coordinator,

Admission Process

Students must apply for admission to the Marshall University Graduate College. They can enroll in the certification program or in the Master of Arts program in Elementary or Secondary Education with School Library Media as an area of emphasis. Information about applying for admissions, including the admission application, can be found on Marshall University Graduate College’s admission web site ( ) or by contacting the program coordinator.

Course Delivery

Classes are web-based and delivered via Blackboard on MUOnline. Courses are entirely online (no live meetings).

Course Requirements

(each course is 3 credit hours)

  • ITL 501 Libraries & Learning Process
  • ITL 502 Library Materials for Adolescents
  • ITL 515 Reference & Bibliography
  • ITL 622 Cataloging & Classification
  • ITL 625 Library Organization & Administration
  • ITL 631 Technology & the Library
  • ITL 650 Library Practice
  • CIRG 613 Children’s Literature

For additional information contact:

Kimberly McFall, School Library Media Program Coordinator,