The following are abbreviations used in the listing of materials under the "Pamphlet" heading.

AlaHQ -- Alabama Historical Quarterly
Ala Rev -- Alabama Review

Amer Hist Mag -- American Historical Magazine
Amer Hist Rev -- American Historical Review
Amer Jew Hist Soc Pub -- American Jewish Historical Society Publications

Amer Neptune American Neptune
Amer Quart -- American Quarterly
Amer Rifleman -- American Rifleman
Ann Med Hist -- Annals of Medical History
Annals Army Tenn -- Annals of Arny of Tennessee
AW -- Annals of War
Arizona Historical Review
ArkHQ -- Arkansas Historical Quarterly
AHQ -- Arkansas Historical Quarterly
Atl Hist Soc -- Atlanta Historical Society
AtI Monthly -- Atlantic Monthly

B & L -- Battles & Leaders
Black Edn Mag -- Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
B&G -- Blue & Gray

Cand Hist Rev -- Canadian Historical Review
ChO -- Chronicles of Oklahoma
Chr OkI -- Chronicles of Oklahoma
Christopher Gist HSP -- Christopher Gist Historical Society Papers
CWH -- Civil War History
CWTI -- Civil War Times Illustrated
CV -- Confederate Veteran
Confed Vet -- Confederate Veteran

East Tenn HS -- East Tennessee Historical Society Publications
ETHSP -- East Tennessee Historical Society Publications

FCHQ -- Filson Club Historical Quarterly
FHQ -- Florida Historical Quarterly
FlaHQ -- Florida Historical Quarterly
Frank Leslie's Pop Monthly -- Frank Leslie Popular Monthly

Ga Genealog Soc Quart -- Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly
Ga H Q -- Georgia Historical Quarterly
Ga Hist Quart -- Georgia Historical Quarterly
GHQ -- Georgia Historical Quarterly
Gulf Mag -- Gulf States Historical Magazine (2 vol )

Hist Mag Prost Episc Ch -- Historical Magazine of Protestant Episcopal Church
H E ,Ch Hist Mag -- Historical Magazine of Protestant Episcopal Church

Ind Mag Hist -- Indiana Magazine of History
InfJourn -- Infantry Journal

Jour Amer Hist -- Journal of American History
Jour Amer Studies -- Journal of American Studies
Jour Confed Hist Soc -- Journal of Confederate Historical Society (London)
Jour Mil Ser Inst -- Journal of Military Service Institute
JMSI -- Journal of Mllitary Service Institute
Jour Miss Hist -- Journal of Mississippi History
JMH -- Journal of Mississippi History
Jour Soc Studies -- Journal of Social Studies
JSH -- Journal of Southern History
Journ Southern Hist -- Journal of Southern History
JUSCA -- Journal of US Cavalry Association (also: Cavalry Journal)

"LaRoyale" (pts 7 & 8) vol 1-6 Lancashire & Cheshire Antiquarian Society Transactions
LaHQ -- Louisiana Historical Quarterly
LHQ -- Louisiana Historical Quarterly
LWL -- Land We Love

Marine Corps Gaz -- Marine Corps Gazette
Md H M -- Maryland Historical Magazine
MHM -- Maryland Historical Magazine
Mil Affairs -- Military Affairs
Mil Collector & Hist -- Military Collector & Historian
MC&H -- Military Collector & Historian
MiI Engincer -- Military Engineer
Military Historian & Economist
MHT-Sw -- Military History of Texas & Southwest
Mil Hist Tex & SW -- Military History of Texas & Southwest
MVHR -- Mississippi Valley Historical Review
Mo Hist Rev -- Missouri Historical Review

NMHR -- I -- New Mexico Historical Review
New Mex Hist Rev -- New Mexico Historical Review
N -Ala Hist Association Bul -- North Alabama Historical Assoc Bul
NAR -- North American Review
NO Amer Rev -- North American Review
NCHR -- North Carolina Historical Review
N Caro Hist Rev -- North Carolina Historical Review
Northern Neck of Va Historical Magazine -- Northern Neck of Virginia

OHS -- Ohio Historical Society Magazine
OLOD -- Our Living & Our Dead

Panhandle-Plains Hist Rev -- Panhandle Plains Historical Review (Tex)
Pasquatank Historical Society Yearbook
Password -- Password' El Paso (Tex) Historical Society
Pensacola Hist Soc Quart -- Pensacola (Fla) Historical Society Quarterly
Phillips CHQ -- Phillips County (Ark) Historical Quarterly
PMHS -- Publication Mississippi Historical Society
Pub Miss Hist Soc -- Publications Mississippi Historical Society

Quartermaster Rev -- Quartermaster Review

Reg Ky HS -- Register, Kentucky State Historical Society
RKHS -- Register, Kentucky State Historical Society
RHS -- Rockbridge Historical Society Proceedings (Va)
Rockbridoe Hist Soc Proc -- Rockbridge Historical Society Proceedings
Rocky Mountain Social Science Journal

Sewance Rev -- Sewance Review
So Atl Quart -- South Atlantic Quarterly
SO Caro Hist Mag -- South Carolina Historical & Genealogical Magazine
SCHM -- South Carolina Historical & Genealogical Magazine
So Biv -- Southern Bivouac
SB -- Southern Bivouac
So Hist Monthly -- Southern Historical Monthly
SHAP -- Southern History Association Publications
SHSP -- Southern Historical Society Papers
SHSTrans -- Southern Historical Society Transactions
SHST -- Southern Historical Society Transactions
South Mag -- Southern Magazine (Baltimore)
SoMag -- Southern Magazine (Baltimore)
SwHQ -- Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Taylor-Trotwood Magazine
Tennessee Historical Magazine
THQ -- Tennessee Historical Quarterly
TennHQ -- Tennessee Historical Quarterly
Tx Mil Hist -- Texas Military History
TMH -- Texas Military History
nit Serv Mag -- United Service Magazine

US Naval Inst Proceed -- United States Navy Institute Proceedings
USN Inst Proc -- United States Navy Institute Proceedings

VaMag Hist Biog -- Virginia Magazine of History & Biography
VMHB -- Virginia Magazine of History & Biography

Vermont Hist -- Vermont History
Wash Co Hist Soc -- Washington County (Ark) Historical Society Papers

W Term HSP -- West Tennessee Historical Society Papers
WTHA -- West Texas Historical Association
W Tex HAssn -- West Texas Historical Association
Wm & Mry Quart -- William & Mary College Quarterly Magazine
WTHSP -- West Tennessee Historical Society Papers
W Tenn Hist Soc Papers -- West Tennessee Historical Society Papers
W Va Hist -- West Virginia History
'Writings in American History', AHA

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