Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 13 March 1864
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them a great deal better than I thought
I would. You said for me to write and
tell you when I want you to come down
I would like to see you at any time
but think you would enjoy the visit
more along the first part of April I
want you to come the first part so
you can see us practice Gymnastics
and they are not certain of having
them during during warm weather.
     I think you will like the girl Jule
[illegible] spoke of he was staying at
Mrs Dr Petrat's when I was up [?]
awha. is she the one you have now?
Do you like her? I am sorry to hear
that mr. Neils is going to have
our place, Barb told me about Reuly
giving the Sons of Temperance. I was
truly glad to hear it as he will see
by his letter which he ought to receive
this morning I suppose you have
heard how I like my suit by this
time as I wrote last Sunday and




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