Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 13 March 1864
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told you how much I was pleased
with it. all that is wrong about it
is that the pants are a little too short
for the skirt but I fasten them far-
ther down on my ankle- it is the
only one here with pockets_ Did Lizzie
take Charlie with her? and where did
he go? I did not know Maria had
been sick. I have concluded to wait
and leave my music to be bound when
I go home for I have to practice it
now. Vic Hutsinpiller and Mary E-
take lessons of this Emma Young the
teacher I take of takes all school ars
over the ordinary number I think she
is a very good teacher and is so very
particular about "time". she has me
count loud all the time and she counts
with me says she thinks she can
make an excellent timest out of me
I also received a letter from Charley
Friday will answer it today. said he ex-
pected a letter from you the last of



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