Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 13 March 1864
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this week. I thought perhaps Joe
would stop as he went back home
but he did not. Yes I received Reub's
letter last Wednesday it was quite lengthy
and interesting. I received Alice's letter
think she writes a good one don't you?
she spoke so prettily about her brother
I expect I will have the fun of helping
move now after all. You did not say
what Pa was going to build on the lot
between Mr Halliday's store and Mr Droulliard
I have always wanted him to put up a
store of some kind there. I am sorry
to hear that Grand Ma is no better do
not think she ever will be but if she
does not get well I would like to come
home if to stay but one day- but will
do as you and Pa think best. I am
pleased more and more with my school
every day- cannot get along very well with
my Chemistry very well though as I was
so far behind my class but things are
going to take up new studies the first
of next month. and then I can go right
along. do you want me to study later
through the whole course or just enough
so I can graduate-? I am going to write
to Ned about it and see what he says I
suppose he will know. Give my love to
all inquiring friends and write soon to
                 Your affct daughter       Mary

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