Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 14 January 1866
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd14 Item3)
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my last time here. I will want two
or three dozen so as to exchange with
all of my friends here. If you will
I'd rather have you send me my
shors and I can have my money for
something else. a pair of congress gaiters
( rubber in the sides) no.4 and a white
corset no.18 and you might as well
while you are sending send me some
cotton stockings (white). you may get
them cheaper there then I can here.
I like school very well this term
but if I had another year to go I
don't believe I could stand it so it
is well this is my last year.
The lake is frozen when I came
but I did not try to skate. am going
to as soon as it frozes again. Have
you had skating or sleighing since I
left? There was signs of the latter
that morning. Froucy said Carlo
had come at last but not to see me
however She is staying at Mrs Teclinguts





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