Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 14 January 1866
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I suppose. Is she not. expect she has
been around to our house. There is
no news so I will close. Tell Ned
Joe and Rube to write to me very
soon. Tell Charley I will go in to
see him next Saturday if I get my
money in time. If he must stay on
the boat till I get there or meet me
at the Walnut Street House as nine o'
clock A.M. I will get the money if
you send it immediately Friday even-
ing Give my love to inquiring
friends and write very soon.
               Your Loving Daughter
                               Mary M. Aleshire

P.S. Rube I know you are very industrious
and always anxious to make yourself useful-
do go down in the cellar and box up some
apples and ship them on Str St james for
your sister next Friday. now I'll look for
them don't disappoint me. I told one of the
girls how I saw you last (on that little wagon)
with your little mule) and if you write to me I'll
tell you what she said.
                                            Your Sister




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