Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 20 March 1864
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 the same as ever cutting up as usual was taken sick one
week ago tonight with the Inflamatory Rheumatism and
suffered a great deal they could not move her only on a
sheet. she lives in the city but was so bad they could not
take her home. Her step Mother's sister was here going to
school with her they were about of a size and were so much
company for each other. She died yesterday afternoon Her
Father, Mother, sisters and aunts were all here when she died
I did not see her Mother but the girls said she took it
dreadful hard. Penny King (that is the one that was here going to
school with her) fainted three times and they took her to one of
the teachers rooms and she went on so they had to take
her to see Sue. Beck knows them. The disease struck to the
heart was what killed her so suddenly. I supposed you have
heard of Regina & Harry's death before this. A great many of
the girls are sick here now.      Mrs. Richards was around just
now with tracts for the girls.     They are doing all they
can to have to become Christians and I hope by the Lord's
will I may become one. How is Grandma? Has Joe got
home yet. I will close write soon to your
                                          Affect Daughter
                                                     Mary Aleshire

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