Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 21 February 1870
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd14 Item4)
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I have not enough to pay
for my ours. I wanted one and
thought I'd save money by get-
ting it here. I enclose a sam-
ple of silk at $1.60 per yard
is india silk not much
[illegible] than our half what the
[illegible] price is. If you want
it yourself I will get it for
you. if not I would like to
have it. I have to have some
fine dresses and scarf as well
get them here will [illegible] money
by it. Mr Mayberry wanted]
himto rebrt what I want
and let him make out
the bill and send it to you
Pa. [illegible] I told him I wo
would rather wait for the
money. I told him I did
not come preparedto get
much. I got me some lace
collars. I priced them inC_






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