Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 20 October 1874
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him and Joe as high as
they feel. Well I certainly
was most arguably surprised
at his election do not
blame him and Joe for feeling
proud over it Tis a great
gain for the Democratic party
Suppose Joe's praise for ele-
ctioneering word exceeds the past
     I have just been reading
Cummins sermon on the
difference between his church
and the Protestant Episcopal
in the Louisville paper sup-
pose was in the Cincinnati
paper and you read it of
course. If his statements
are true of our church I
am afraid I am more of a
Reformed Episcopalian
any thing else They have
a very fine church here.
not a very large congregation
The church was not half
filled. Has Mr Cox commenced
using the hymnal yet? Tis
used here. Ask Linn
whose arrangement tis she
has so I can get another
and we can see which we
likwebest for the choir. I
wrote Aunt Jule to do so
but am afraid she will
forget it.
   Ben and I took a long walk



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