Mary Aleshire to Reuben and Margaret Aleshire, 30 October 1874
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd5 Item2)
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night and the next day ar-
riving home about five o' clock
yesterday evening. We had
a delightful visit were sorry
we could not stay longer at
both places. Mr. Polk is as
much of a hand to talk to as
brother Ned. He made us feel
perfectly at home at his house.
Mr. Talbutt went down on the
train to attend a large sale of
qaute so we were all there
together. There were thirty seven
head of cattle sold for sixty
thousand ($60.000) dollars one
sold for $7.000 and two others
for over $5.000. twas thought
by the gentlemen I heard
talking about it. they sold
any mill I should think so.
    I am sorry there are no
boats running as I hoped I
could go home that way. I
am waiting for a letter from
Joe before deciding what to
do. I have written to know if
he is coming for me. as he
said something about it. If
you could hear what they
all say when I say anything
about going home you would
not think they were getting
tired of me. Mr. Talbutt told
me to tell you when he got
tired of me he would give me a
broad hint. I hardly think






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