Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 13 November 1863
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glad to see them I did not know what to do.
we coaxed Mrs Lecerque to stay all night with us Jim
went down town. Lo Maria slept with Mrs Lerceque and
Rome was afraid to stay alone so she, Beck and I slept
together. In the morning she was to start at seven
o'clock. Our teacher let us ride down to the depot in
the buss with her and Jim got in at the boarding
house. We had quite a nice time just as the buss
got to the depot up came the cars. and we did not
get to talk long. So we bid her "good bye" and which
was greatly against our will and returned. It began to
rain so we had to come back in the buss. It was the
first "buggy ride" I have had for a year. Her visit was
not very lengthy.               I am now sitting on the floor
in Reception room with my instructor book on my
lap endeavoring to write My Dear Ma. Mrs. Morris
just came in she told me to give you her kind
regards and tell you I am a very good girl. I
like her very much. she is a very pleasant lady. Beck
has possession of our room washing which I have got through
with.               I received a letter from Charley last Saturday
and answered it Sunday. he says he has heard
nothing from home for six weeks. and for me to tell
you if you have no paper to write on he will send you
some as scarce as it is down there. I received one
from Barb Monday. I wrote Pa a short answer to
his letter yesterday but felt bad because I thought
he was angry at me I could not write any more

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