Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 13 November 1863
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I asked for more money. Do not think I have been
extravagant. for you know I had to buy for all my
books which came to ($5.80) five dollars and eighty
cents. and pay for my Music as I get it so as to
have no small bills with them. I have a list
of everything I have got which I will show you
Christmas. I received a letter from Charley yesterday
he is well^have^ received my letter which I sent my pho-
tograph in. he said he received a letter from you
and Pa the same day. Though yours was several
days later than Pa's.        Do you know where Ned is
stationed now? I want to write to him. I suppose
Joe is well by this time will look for a letter
from him this week as I wrote last. Tell Rube
I received his letter and will answer it soon
How is Jimmie now? hope he is getting well. I
will write him a little letter and put it in with
yours. I want to see Purdie so bad. I expect he
will be afraid of me when I come home.
This is general shopping day and I am going
to get something for you and Pa a Christmas
gift. but cannot tell you what it is. Rome is getting
the same for her Ma and Pa.
        Sunday Afternoon. I did not get to finish your letter
yesterday. You wanted to know if I received a letter
from any one saying that you wanted me to come
home. I have received nothing of the kind.
I think there must be a great deal of sickness

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