Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 13 November 1863
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in town I did not know the chills and fever was conta-
gous before. It seems that Barb has left you for good.
What girls have you now? Is Lizzie still with you?
I should think Charley had had enough of
Pete's capers without running a race on him.
                              Tell Jule Naret I think she is the
best girl ever was for giving that Dover cake for me
but think she is the meanest for not writing. She
told Charlotte ^to tell me^ she should write soon and has not
written yet. I expect she is writing today. as this
is the day she generally writes on. but if she is
not tell her I say she had better write soon. Tell
her I will remember the day we eat a whole cake
and the night too. Ask her if she thinks she
can get Joe's slippers done by Christmas. How
shall I send the yarn to her? be sure and answer
this question in your next. What shall I be think-
ing of for Rueb a Christmas present? I have some-
thing for all of you but him. and must get
him something. I must close. The girls send
their love. much to all from your daughter.
                                                       M. M Aleshire

        You asked me what I wanted you to
send me in your box. I would like to have
(If convenient) a can of oysters and sardines but
above all do not forget to send me some winter
clothes for I have but one dress with me and
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