Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 14 August 1874
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stick broke and she went sprawl-
ing against the stoves on which
the kettle was setting.
There was an alarm of fire
today. but as usual no fire-
It started of Kiling and Murry's
foundry was fortunate to stop
it as was quite windy.
I am going to wait- for Lou
tonight as Fannie is going away
Monday. and I am not going-
The children are all well.
Neddie's [illegible]] an as strong as
ever. The calors ( I forget in had
two when I wrote before) are
both well and doing nicely also
the chickens. flowers and all
the rest of your family even
the cellar and [illegible] I was
in the [illegible] today. went on top
of the house to see the fire and



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