Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 17 May 1865
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by answering your letter received this evening
and Flory's which came to hand yesterday
      I think a suit like that will be very
pretty for me.           I will try to make up
my mind what kind of a silk dress
I want by the time you come down I
thought something of having a blue one.
You can come down on the Ohio and
stay in the city for the Wagon if you
want to wait over that long. Lizzie Prage
told me she did not think Maggie would
come down and therefore she would go
home on the cars.           I should like to
travel on the wagon myself. Is Joe coming
down with you as long as Pa is not? I hope
he will. Are you going to get that white
dress you spoke of to me when I was
home I wish you would. O. well if Pa does
not furnish that parlor this spring. I sup-
pose he will sometimes soon. I      hope
more of Uncle Vance's family will
take the Small pox.   I heard of the
sudden deaths of Mrs Miles' baby and




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