Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 17 May 1865
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd16 Item3)
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Harriet that lived with Mrs Halli-
day. I think that Weddings take the
bad The [illegible] Heads still attract our
attention once in a while in some man-
ner. I hope Mr Welch is united with his
wife and she with her man. Tell Mary
to stay there till I return if she possibly can
Lora Force is not going home with me but
is coming up sometime in August. but
tell Mary I want to see her. I think it is
very foolish in you to try to do any or all of
the chamber work. you want to lay your-
self up sick Try to get somebody till I
come home and then I will pitch in Tell
Pa I have made the resolution when I
come home to get up clean my room and
the sitting room before breakfast and
the rest after besides the rest of the day
I am going to try to read an hour prac-
tice two hours and sew I don't know
how long. Lydia Newton and Marry Dun-
can were out to see us yesterday Lyd is coming
out again Saturday and going to stay till



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