Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 17 May 1865
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Monday. Josey Gregory was also here and
Laura Brown off the Hill she is one of the
ladies that was in Gallipolis about
time while I was there. I understand Jan
Brick is visiting our city now. Tell bros
Joe and Rube not to go with her and the
girls that are our best friends and visit
you a good deal not to visit her. Liz-
zie Poage knows her and says she is not
much don't tell who told you anything
about it for Lizzie don't want it known
who informed me of the fact. she does
not move in first society in Marietta. that is
her home.    My music teacher got me
some music in the city the other day and
had to pay for it with her own money. I
have not enough to pay her and would
like to have some. Tell Pa I will only
be away at school one year more to spend
money. will get those measures and
enclose them. Lizzie and the girls
send their kindest regards My love
to inquiring friends Write soon
              Your Loving daughter Mary
Tell Brothers to write.   Bub in town now




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