Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 24 September 1874
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 and he seemed to want to stay.
I think he enjoyed his visit
very much They all took quite
a fancy to him here. Bob
looks for a letter from him
about Sunday. I hope he will
not be disappointed. Tell him
I received his letter from Cincin-
nati and will write him soon.
I am sorry you cannot read
my writing I am trying to
write this plainer but believe
I am making it worse instead
of better.
         I am surprised to hear of
Maria Minagn and Sim Nash.
I expect tis' only a rumor.

      Gal writes me she has the
position of music teacher in
the Academy. I am glad of it.
think she is quit as co[?]
but as any they have had and
more so than Miss Cook. hope
she will have a large class.
Give my love to Mggie Tell
her I am glad she is with us
again we will have some
nice times this winter.
          I am sorry you left my
white suit at home. but you
need not mind sending it to me
if any of them want to wear it
they can do so. I think would
look very nicely on you. at last
the polonair with a black skirt



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