Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 27 September 18__
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they will be larger around. Orson
need not mind fixing it till Barb
gets back if she is coming back
and if she is not you need not
make those sacks for you will have
enough to do with out that.
I hope the river will soon rise. would
like to see Rube and Bert Vance very
much. I forgot to date Pa's letter
under that same circumstances as
Joe's. Kiss Purd for me. Good bye
             Write soon Your daughter

Mrs Miller wrote and told Rome
that Mr Miller had brought
on a beautiful stock of goods
I expect they are beautiful prices
too are they not? We got our carpet
yesterday. one of the servant girls
help us put it down it looks
beautiful. I think it is so pretty
Our room looks so much better
it is just about the right size.
I have just returned from
Chapel service. both of the gentle-
men being absent Miss Kelly
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