Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 28 February 1864
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gentlemen got out of a carriage Mollie knows
him and said it was your brother. so I
went a sailing down stairs and Rone
after me as hard as she could come
and went down there and looked in the
reception room but no boys could I see
and looked in both parlors and present-
ly one of the girls that were standing in
the hall said they have not got in the
door yet and at that I went to the door
and they were just ringing the bell I tell
you I was glad to see them. I believe it
was a Mr Ashton that was with them.
then we sent for all the Gallipolis girls
and Millie Bradbury to come on down and
Charley said if our teacher would let us
go he would take two or three of us a ride
so I asked him which ones and he said
Vic Rone and myself. I went and told
Mrs. Craven that my brother said if she
had no objections he would like to take
us a ride and she asked who were going
and how far and I told her and she




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