Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 28 February 1864
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said yes dear you may go so I went
and told the girls and we have a very
nice ride had two real gay hours I
held them till Charley got in and then
I got in and he made me drive all
the way. and did not take the reins
once he made me turn them when
he went to come back. The idea of
me driving two gay hours from Cin-
cinnatti when I never drove any be-
fore but old Pete. Tell Barb I
will drive for her when I come home
instead of her driving for me When
we got back the boys went away I did
hate so bad to see them go. I think
you did very well indeed in sending
me little notions my box was the fullest
of any. Tell Barb I am very much
obliged to her for the green tomato
and feel like eating it but as she
said for me not to I won't. That home-
made sugar is delicious. and that cologne
is the very kind I like. and the clothes




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