Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 28 February 1864
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bag is just right. so everything you sent
me suited to a T. Mrs. Heutsinpiller
sent Pa a leaf pin cushion to hang
up over the table it is real pretty. I think
a vase would be real pretty. but I
don't know where I would get the flowers
to put in it. I have a notion to get some
pot flowers to sit in my window. How
long do you think it will be before you get
to working in the yard for the new house
I would like to be there and help you.
I think that would be very pretty way to make
my suit. if you make it to suit yourself it
will suit me. If I go to the city next Saturday
(and it depends upon getting permission
from you whether I go or not) I want to get
me some linen cuffs and I sup-
pose you are willing for me to get the
chair as most of the girls have one.
I wish you would be certain to tell
me if Pa or Joe ever sent President Day
the pay for this session or not. if he has




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