Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 28 February 1864
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about my practice hours and music
I told you all about it I think in the
letter you got last Wednesday morning
I practice one hour and a half a day
and if I practice more will have
to pay extra for it. We moved our
room yesterday. The girl that the room
belonged to we were in came back
last Friday we have a very pleasant
room now. there is one window in
it which looks out in the back
yard. we can see a great many of the
girls rooms from here and talk to
each other. can see Vic's amd Millie
Bradbury's too. Ask Sis is she remem-
bers Millie Bradbury she went up on
the boat with us when we went
home Christmas is the one that
was making the bead bracelet and is
going to show me how it is done
      Tell Sis I'll remember her for answer-
ing my letter so soon. There is a large
closet a bureau, a table bed and four




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