Mary Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 September 1872
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been up there all day today
do not think Mrs Martin will
live Sallie has given up all
hopes. but does all she can
Aunt Jule wrote you her [illegible]
was anticpated. and what a
soldierI found to be. I ex-
pect you think I am getting
hard hearted but some one
had to be there. and I thought
it as much my duty as any-
ones so remained. She has
been very bad all day today
I left home about half past
ten o 'clock. When she was a
little easier. but Isurely
think any better- Poor
Sallie! how I do pity her.
Mrs Martin tried to sing this
morning "I'm going home"
and I "I have friends before me





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