Mary Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 9 June 1878
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dies are trying to
build a music stand
on the square. Several
committees were out last
week the different
wards trying to raise
   The "Lenissicans" were
here last week. I went
to see them and was
never so bored in my
life. This week (Wednes-
day) we are to have a
concert by the Arabian
Glen Club of Cincinnatti
Jim [Illegible] is here now.
is much improved will
teach here this Summer
if he can raise a class

[Written vertically in the margin]
I am so glad you will be cured
there. hope you will not have to
stay long for I miss you so much
Ma says she does not remember
of yours ever having that breaking
out before you had the fever.
I had my first attack of [illegile]-
[illegible] five years ago last March.
all the family join me in
much love. Remember me to Tim
Write very soon. Your Loving sister Mary.

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