Mary Aleshire to Unidentified Brother, 16 March 1880
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd19 Item6)
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gotten off at Swan Creek and would be
up last night on the Potomac Given all
my conjectures have failed and I suppose
you are easily resting at Eagle Furnace
I have concluded you are holding over to
come in for the Juvenille Pinafon next Thurs-
day. which I hope will prove to be correct.
as you have missed all our shows and
fun and that is going to be good. Butter-
cup is very anxious to come up to that too
and I think she will. Why don't you
make arrangements to that effect? I spent
last Sunday and Monday with her- and
Mamae at [illegible]. had a nice time.
Mr. Keiith is the man superintending the
work at the mill. I do not know where
he is from. He boards with us. brought us the
famous fifteen puzzle. which was the first
here. Ma sits up till eleven and twelve
o'clock when all is quite to solve the puzzling
14.15.13._13.15.14 &c The rest of us take it
more deliberately. Rube has made several of
them generally spends the night he is on
watch working at it. and the first thing he asks
for when he comes to dinner is the puz-
zle. he reaches in his pocket for the expla-
nation he has cut from the late papers
and goes to work. I take it for granted
you have read the papers and this needs no
explanation.            I received a letter from

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