Mary Aleshire to Unidentified Brother, 16 March 1880
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd19 Item6)
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from Lottie the other day. She
was at Lexington whether she
went on account of her Uncle's
(Mr Tallbutt's) sickness He died
the 4th of this month. Lottie
[illegible] the family is so distressed
and will be broken up. They
will have "The Meadows". All
the boys are married but Bob
and Ben. They are still at
home They were all there at
his death. Mollie and Mrs.
Tallbutt are going to stay at
Mrs. Polk's in Lexington for
the present. Lottie is going back
to Lynchburg, says she is going
to stay with all of them. Mr
Tallbutt died of cancer of the stom-
ach. He must have suffered much
I suppose you know Old Peter
is dead. Poor old fellow. Ma
Aunt Julia. the children and
I all went to the farm to see him.




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