Mary Aleshire to Unidentified Brother, 1 January 1868
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd19 Item4)
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both rather [illegible] to me
I have a letter here from
Emma Brubaker, I suppose for
you which I enclose. The
Dethass girls Kate and Virgie
and Rorrie were here last night
Jack, Johnie. Charlie M'C
Jim DeLuclucy and Henry
Miller_ They danced only a
little_ Ned and Henry stayed
for us. They left about half
past one o'clock had a very
nice time. You ought to have
seen Rorrie make Johnie take
back saying our old Santie
Clause looked like you. Then
he turned it on "Y" which he
took back about as soon as
I was near.         I have one
invitation from Charlie McC
to go up to Rorrie's tonight
Pa don't want me to go on
account of my eyes unless
to ride up and back. he is
so afraid it will make
them worse You must
excuse this note I will
write you a longer letter when
I have more time Your's of
the 25th received I am glad


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