Mary Aleshire to Unidentified Brothers, 27 October 1867
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd19 Item3)
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has made his appearance again this after-
noon. I hope however will have some rain.
     I thought you were going to form
some lady acquaintances this time
while you were out there. but I guess you
have not much of a desire to form any more
I can't blame you for I think Lottie is
a mighty sweet girl. I wrote her a
long letter last Sunday expect an answer
soon. She is a good correspondent isn't she?
    Yes The Scatterday are going as soon as
the river rises. Erin and Tom Guiness
did not make it at all. He proposed to
Erin and she refused. and then he asked
her father who gave his consent. Mary
Maxon was telling me about it. said he
took a walk with the old man, one eve-
ning before dark. and asked him for her.
Marrie said Tom and Erin had quite a
time of it but she won't have him.
      Gus Langley and Pern Morgan have
been playing some might mean tricks
on Beck lately and I believe Ned Wood
is (to me an old saying) as " deep in the
mud as they are in the [?]" One evening
Beck was up at Mary Morgans and
Ned was to take her home. Gus and
Pern went for Ned and would not
let him go back to take Beck home and

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