Mary Aleshire to Unidentified Brothers, 27 October 1867
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd19 Item3)
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did not speak so Perd took her home.
The next day Ned told her that they
were watching him and he could
not get away any other way than
by jumping out of the window
(which he did. Jim L[?] told us,
he and Beck were here one evening
after that and we were talking about it)
that after taking Marrie home he came
back to the office and whistled for
Ned. He came to the window and
he told him Beck was waiting for
him. well he says I can't get out of
here. Jim motioned to him and
fixed a goods box for him to Jump
out on. Ned put on his coat and
hat and Pern says watch him boys
he's going down the stairs and then
Ned jumped from the window. Jim
and "Y" both agree with me in thinking
if he had tried he could have gotten
away_ "Y" says " Do you think they could
keep me from taking Mary home? if
I have only got one arm? Beck don't
speak to Gus or Pern. but she does
not blame Ned in the least. I think
it is a shame. They are always impo-
sing on poor little Beck. Her folks
are awful mad about it. she would

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