Mary Aleshire to Unidentified Brother, 27 October 1867
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd19 Item3)
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not tell them but they
heard it out in town.
Beck says she can take
a joke but she won't
take anything like an
insult. Mary is going
to kiss all the boys that
go to their house or the
boat to tell them "goodbye"
don't you wish you were
here? I know Jim House
does. she told me to send
you a kiss and tell you
goodbye for her. I have
not seen the rest of them
since the reception of you
letter. I have not seen
Bob Fern to ask him if
he is going to wear mourn-
ing for Beck. but I do not
think he will for he told
me he did not believe in
wearing mourning for "friends de-




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