Mary Aleshire to Unidentified Brothers, 27 October 1867
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd19 Item4)
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boots on himself. If it is rather late, and you
are still thro. He is tried of being idle.
Most everyone one thinks that t you will
get your wish that Charlotte and Louis
will give us "a gift" about Christmas.
Louis seems [illegible] happy over something
and I think that must be it. You
know he was so “down in the mouth”
for awhile when he and Charlotte did
not speak but that’s all over now.
They say Dudly is going to “do some-
thing” too in the way of getting mar-
ried. Marie told me he had brought
a house up town when Coldwell bid
and was having it all fixed up and
was going to bring Miss Wynn in
before long. I have not seen him for
some time he was up Kanawha this week.
“G” saw him going up home today.
John Ransom and Anna Shallcross seem
to be as much in earnest as ever.
Mary Morgan and Gus are going together.
“G” says he would not be surprised if they
were married yet and says you always
said they would be. Her folks work
mightily hard for it.
When you go to Mr nNsh’s home
you won’t have to take any [illegible]
Poor Joe died last night after being

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