Mary Aleshire to an Unidentified Brother, 6 September 1863
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 and I wish you would send me
some of those little red apples off
of that tree that stands by the
cooper shop. They have a large
Peach orchard here. but that is
all the good it does us girls
for they wont let us go near
it. I room with Beck and
like her very much indeed for
a room mate. we room on the first
floor and have a front room too
They wanted to put us way up
in the third story in a back room
where we could never see nor hear
anyone and Beck and I just
said we would not go up there. so
when they found we was in earn-
est they said we could have this.
It is a very pleasant room.^but^ not very
large . though they are all the
same size. Kara and Rome have
the one to match this in the other

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