Mary Aleshire to an Unidentified Brother, 6 September 1863
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd19 Item1)
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bill fell out in my lap. which had
been in thee for I don't know
how long.^It was worth a large sum out here.^ This is something like
the old woman and her spectacles.
if you don't know the story get
Ma to tell toy for it-takes so much
time to write it and I want to tell
you other things. but I wasn't like
her I have read in another bible
during this time. We only go up town
once a month and then the whole
school goes marching along like a
company of soldiers. with the teach-
ers for Capts and Lts
     You said that Dave [Scot and you
was coming out here to see us. come
on we will welcome you in the
highest degree. Don't put off coming
for two or three months but come
now and then too. Be sure to
We have our room highly ar-
mamented. we have Dave's picture hang-
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