Reuben Aleshire to Joseph P. Aleshire, 30 October 1867
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd2 Item11)

ten inches and no news yet from Pittsburg
Therefore we are unable to get wheat from cincinnati
we will send you no more money. close
up your business. buy no more wheat than
your money will pay for. Yet 3 or 400 bags
more would not stagerous we think we
hard up for funds yet have managed
to get along by borrowing only $1000 on
thirty days time on Lambert Thomas &Co=
Two whistles attracted our attention at Landing
John went. has returned. reports Watchman ^[illegible]^ says
Six (6) foot rise in Kanawha. this will
enable us to get wheat from cincinnati
we think unnecessary for you to remain after
recieving the 600 sacks sent you on 22 inst.
which will come to hand about the 8th Nov
Sent John to See Truslow instead of Watchman
in regard to rise- John returned Truslow say
rise 5 foot and raising like hell- will
be 9 or 10 foot.
                                               R Aleshire & Co




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