Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 18 August 1871
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 must "put yourself in her place" to know how she felt,
at hearing such a remark from the head of a family
where she had been living as it were, as a charity,
for I have been doing nothing since I resigned
in fact and although I started out at one time
with the intention of paying my board I soon
found myself unable to do so. Venie is a proud
woman and fact this she knew I was making
nothing. she knew I would for some time ^not^ be able
to pay her board and that she felt this, you will
certainly admit. Now what was meant by
two families if Venie was not referred to, I have
always loved my home as well as any child
you have. I have, I think, always shown as much
revrrence for and cherished my father as much
as any of his children. yet even as the matter
is explained in your letter I cannot but
think Venie was meant when two families were
alluded to, and I told her under the circum-
stances that she could not go back home unless
she was assured by Pa himself that she was
welcome &c.
It is useless for me to say to you that this trouble
has given me great pain. It has actually at
times disqualified me for business, but it
cannot now be helped.
Now after all who is to blame, Pa, not alltogether

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