Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 18 August 1871
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd5 Item7)
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 or by any means, he dislikes quarreling, so do I
and yet you know as well as I do that while
I was at home there was always some trouble.
Venie might have been occassionally [?]
yet I never found it necessary to quarrel with
her, I saw frequently that it was not her
fault in the least. I expected the running quar-
rel (for I must so term it for want of a better
term) would end in something of the kind be-
tween the women folks, but I was wounded and
surprised that it had taken such shape as to
occassion Pa, to express himself as he did
to Venie. I know that Pa was angrey and soon
afterwards would feel badly about the mat-
ter and so told Venie in my letter, Venie
is not unforgiving in her disposition, and I
will always feel unhappy until this
difference between Pa and Venie is en-
tirely healed and shall use my endeavors
to heal it I assure you. Yet should Venie
go back home again I expect it would be
the same old story quareling. Much of my time for
the past ten years I have been away
from home, and it is not unlikely
that the next ten years to come will
be spent in the same manner, Hence
makes one a stranger to his kind under
any circumstances, and I had no
reason to expect that I would not
met with the fate of others, yet I feel
badly that my wife was in the way. I can't help
it. I thought my house would be her home until I was

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