Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 18 August 1871
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 able to send for her,
        How do not enter into discussion with Venie
about writing me, She has done only what you
or any one else would have done. her letter
and statement did not disagree with
yours in any material respect as I have
already told you.
       I will now wash my hands of this matter,
hoping as I have already said that that the offer-
ence between Venie and Pa will be entirely
healed, I never should have mentioned it to
any one had I not be first written to about
it, it is a sore subject to me and I now pass
it, and I hope it will never be my misfortune
to again to have to write about a matter that
gives me so much pain.
        My time has been occupied in writing
about this affair till I have no time now to
allude to other matters. As I expected I have
been repeatedly interrupted and you must
therefore excuse all mistakes of every
kind. I must say my prospects are brighten-
ing and I expect by fall to be doing very
well. I cannot now, for want of time [?] into
details, will do that at a future time.
Mr Onderdouk was in to see me to day,
Mr. Eldridge goes to Missouris next week

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